Current - Lead Investors

We led the structuring and financing of these transactions and play an active Board role.

Location: Phoenix, AZ and Laguna Woods, CA

Investment Year: 2020

Description: United Pet Care is a pet wellness membership program focused on making high-quality pet healthcare accessible to pet parents everywhere. UPC functions as a two-sided network, connecting local vets and employers/employees via a voluntary benefits program. For vets, UPC is a customer acquisition, retention and engagement tool. For employers, UPC is a way to show employees they value employee wellness and a great differentiator for recruiting and retaining top talent. For members, UPC is an accessible alternative to pet insurance with low monthly dues and no exclusions or payment delays.

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Location: Burbank, CA

Investment Year: 2021

Description: Blu Digital Group provides transformative digital supply chain services and software to the media and entertainment industry. The company offers cloud-based solutions focused on automated content servicing and preparation, and order management to video streaming platforms. These solutions include qualifying Film/TV content, and optimizing digital delivery of content through its proprietary software to enable content rights holders to reach new audiences and generate additional revenue streams.


Current - Minority Investments

We are minority/passive owners in the following companies. We supported emerging leaders in acquiring these businesses.

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We led, operated, and exited these transactions.

Investment Year: 2015

Exit Year: 2018
Location: Anaheim, CA

Description: From 2015-2020, Alex was the CEO of mTab, the premier business intelligence tool for market research. Alex founded mTab LLC in 2015 which subsequently acquired Productive Access Inc in 2015, GAMMA in 2017, and Slideworx in 2018. Under Alex’s leadership, mTab grew from a 17-person company in California to a 140-person company with offices in California, Detroit, the UK, Poland, Japan, and China. mTab was sold to Milestone Partners in 2018. 

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