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We buy small businesses.

We back emerging leaders to build small businesses.


Our Story

Gelman Brothers Family Investment Office (GBFIO) is the investing arm of two brothers, Alex and Kirill Gelman. In 2020, both brothers exited their startups. (Alex sold his tech company to a Private Equity fund and Kirill sold his hedge fund to GTS, a global electronic market maker). They created a Family Investment Office to acquire small family businesses. The goal of GBFIO is to buy great businesses that we can own for the next 30 years. We also financially back other entrepreneurs who wish to acquire and run businesses (independent sponsors and search funds).

The sons of immigrants, the brothers were taught that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible to achieve in America. We imbue that immigrant work ethic into the businesses we buy. We are not passive owners. We are active operators who help craft the strategic plan, build out management teams, and help management ‘get shit done’, to use a technical term.

From time to time, Gelman Brothers may bring in some like-minded high net worth individuals to join us in our deals, but we prefer to lead the transaction.


Sellers: Why Work With Us

We cut to the chase.

We're direct and we don't play games - full stop.

We're humans. We know you are too.

You are dealing with another person, not an Excel robot. We understand that business, like life, is more than numbers on a spreadsheet. We speak English, not Private Equity-ese. We stick to a “no jerks” rule for ourselves and our partners.

We’re flexible.

We don’t have a cookie cutter approach. Every seller is different. In every deal, problems come up. They just do. We'll work with you to creatively solve them.

We’re fast. Really fast.

We “know it when we see it”. On our first call, we’ll be direct about whether we might be the right buyer for your business. On our second call, we’ll give you a rough valuation. We’ll get you a formal offer within days of meeting us and reviewing the most critical information on your business. And when we agree on a deal, we’ll close within 90 days.

We’ll take the time to learn your business.

We seek to be “students” of each business. Every venture is unique – we’ll take the time to understand what
makes your organization special and enduring.

We’ll help the business grow.

We’ve done this many times before, and along the way, we’ve built a network of experienced professionals that we’re proud to work with. From outsourced CFOs to digital transformation experts to marketing agencies to recruiters; we’ll send in our A-team to help the company achieve its goals. This isn’t our first rodeo. We have a playbook that works (and some scar tissue from what doesn’t).

People just like working with us.

But don’t take our word for it, reference check us. Call any of the sellers or bankers we’ve worked with; call any of the CEOs we’re backing.


Investment Criteria

Our Criteria

We are seeking to buy businesses that we would be happy to own for the next 30 years. The investments we look for meet the following criteria:

  • Predictable and recurring or repeat cash flows

  • A history of steady growth and in a growing industry

  • Good margins (10%+)

  • At least $750K in cash flow / profit / seller’s earnings / EBITDA per year

  • For fast growing software businesses, we'd consider break-even businesses with at least $1.5m in recurring revenue

Referral fees

We pay generous referral fees. If you have a deal, please get in touch.


Industry Focus


We love pets. We love owning pets; we love investing behind them.

With three million pandemic puppies and the move from the backyard, to the porch, to the bedroom, this is an ongoing trend. Catch us at VMX, Superzoo, or send us an e-mail anytime to talk about your pet/vet/animal health business. We recently acquired United Pet Care and are looking to expand our pet portfolio.


The streaming industry is dramatically changing Hollywood.

It’s the reason why we invested in Blu Digital Group. And it’s the reason why we will continue to invest in the streaming services and software spaces. Find us at a MESA or HPA event – or let’s grab coffee in the LA area at any time to talk about your business.


We’re LA based and want to continue to invest in our community.

If you have a services business anywhere from San Diego up to SLO, let’s talk about it. Join our growing network of businesses in the Southern California Area. (Note: We’re interested in businesses throughout the US and Canada, but we love finding them in our own backyard).


We're software experts.

Alex ran mTab for 5 years; Kirill is a computer scientist and AI expert who runs his own automated trading firm; Paul has been an engineer and software developer. We agree that software is eating the world and would love to talk to you about your software business.


We specialize in B2B services.

If you are a business that sells services to other businesses (or governments), we’d love to talk. Some B2B services we’re currently looking at include Training and e-learning; testing, inspection, certification businesses; and accreditation, compliance, auditing businesses.




Brad Hontz, President and Co-Founder of Productive Access Inc. 

"In 2015, my business partner and I sold our business to Alex and his partners. Although selling your business can be a grueling process, we found that Alex made it as simple as can be. He always treated us fairly and he kept all of his promises to both us and our staff. Selling our business to Alex was a great move for us and the business."

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